providing not only cozy and comfortable homes,
but also pleasurable living.

In the 60’s and 70’s, houses in Hokkaido were built on the standard of homes built on the main island. Those houses were not designed with the consideration for the harsh winter conditions of Hokkaido. Therefore houses would quickly start to leak, and issues of condensation became quite common.

Given these circumstances, the previous generation of SUDO Home decided to focus on building flawless wooden houses.

Under the instruction of Professor Norihiko Kamata (Muroran Institute of Technology), SUDO Homes were able to start building houses with exterior insulation that included the technology of passive solar houses, as well as to in bed the technique of rebar reinforced concrete.

Further, Professor Kamata, founder of the “Convention of Wooden Construction Research & Study Association” came to the conviction that houses without condensation issues were able to be built based on experiments with high thermal insulation, airtight, ventilation and central heating technologies. From then, Sudo Homes were able to build comfortable residential buildings, mainly using materials from Hokkaido.

Next to performance and efficiency, SUDO Homes focuses on a comprehensive composition of plans and designs in housing, suitable to the Northern climate and environment.

Different to the standard of Northern Housing, SUDO Homes uses higher thermal insulation with a Q value rating of 1.0. SUDO Homes also launched the program “Northern Housing ECO”, a program which has been adopted by the leading home builders, focusing on long-term housing with a building life span up to 200 years.

SUDO Homes are constantly looking for the balance between performance and design in each of their homes to ensure the most comfortable and highest standard of living.

Homes designed to blend into the landscape

Depending on the location of the house, whether in a rural or urban setting, SUDO Homes are designing houses which blend into the land or townscape. Capturing details of climate features and natural characteristics of sites, SUDO Homes is convinced to create a beautiful new scenery. “The site chooses the home”.

Do not dwell on the direction of North, South, East, West (Quite common in Japan due to superstition).

As SUDO Homes builds homes with consistency in room temperatures in the whole house, an uncommitted construction planning is possible. This allows to place and withhold windows in the direction of the clients choice.

Recommendation to build one room

Thanks to the house without temperature differences in all rooms and levels of the house, the elimination of partitions became possible, In place of smaller partitions in the house, SUDO Homes recommends a spacious, boundless and simple open plan home.

Creating a generous space

Innovative foundation and roof insulation enables open-plan housing with semi-basements, open ceilings,and lofts to ensure an enjoyable and boundless living.
A reverse plan, such as placing the 2nd floor as Living Dining Kitchen is customizable by SUDO Homes. SUDO Homes builds on the motto to propose an exclusive and comfortable living.

Living surrounded by a playful sense and spirit

Space, flow, color, form, finish …. A playful sense of designs charms your daily life. A relaxing and joyous space gives space to your mind, allowing yourself to integrate your personal lifestyle such as hobbies and interests in your home.

Communication & Kitchen

The kitchen is your atelier, the space to create. The kitchen should be a simple adaptable and convenient space. The dining table is the bright centre to assemble the whole family… a place you can hear a lot of laughter and relish in family banter!

Bare a child’s dream

When planning homes, the evaluation of a satisfactory home are based on the biggest criteria, whether the home is suited to raise your children and stand the test of time as your children grow up.

Consider the details

There is a saying: “Your home is your second skin.”Floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs and handrails are particular items with direct contact to your body. While living, the feel of the home will increase. Therefore a careful selection and use of the materials are crucial, as with time, you get attached to your home. SUDO Homes precisely specifies in natural material.

Embracing the seasons

Contemplating the elegance of the traditional spirit of tea ceremonies, SUDO Homes focuses on the feel of the nature while being in the house, to feel the change of seasons outside the window and to embrace the scenery of Hokkaido all year round.

Importance of furniture

Keeping in mind that you are living a long time with your furniture, even a single seat should be used carefully, as a well treated furniture will last a long lifespan and may also be able to be passed on to the next generation. A home starts to live with the furniture and with the passing of time, the furniture will weave into the fabric of the living space.

Design for success

Constructions and finishes are important matters, but also the sustainable appearance, the design of the house, suitability to the environment, flexibility in transformation of the floor plan, comfort and long term maintenance, etc. There are many elements to consider when building quality homes that do not go out of fashion. SUDO Homes builds on the pillar of simple constructions and designs, reasonable, practical, logical and inviting home plans.

Building homes in Hokkaido

While SUDO Homes inherited the Japanese Architectural Style “Japanese Spirit”, SUDO Homes also adopts knowledge of construction techniques in cold climates, such as Scandinavia and North America and brings a new living and design to Hokkaido, proceeding with regional manufacture and consumption.