SUDO Standards

Guarantees and after-service

Periodic checks for all structures

All SUDO homes receive checks in four key areas.
・Weather proofing
・Chemical substance concentrations
・Timber hydration levels

Fixed-term visits and inspections

When we hand over a home to a client, it doesn’t just end there. For residences, especially those whose timber has yet to dry and settle, we continue checking in for at least one to two years. (For homes made with Oriental elm or other natural materials, we may extend this service even longer.)
Many clients acquire new hobbies such as interior design or gardening, and you may want to renovate to match your changing lifestyle.
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our relationship with our clients continues for a lifetime.

SUDO homes come with periodic visits and inspections.

After completion
・1 month: Representative
・First year: Representative
・Second year: Representative
・After the second year: Contact is maintained for continuing support and renovation

Right now we are…

・Strengthening our after-service
・Ensuring that model houses and information on new products can be viewed anytime